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Meet Our Team

Dr. Rajeevkumar


Present Position :

Head, Department of Instrumentation, CUSAT


Associate Professor & Head,
Department of Instrumentation,
Cochin University of Science & Technology,
Cochin – 682 022, INDIA
Ph: +91-484-2862359 (O), +91-484-2303233 (R), 9447040323 (M)


Scientist and Head, Optical Coating section (Job involved design and fabrication of various multi layer dielectric coatings), M/s Harvin Scientific Optics P (Ltd), Hyderabad, 1989-1993

Quality Control Manager, Design and Fabrication Section, M/s Hind High vacuum systems, Bangalore, 1994 -1997 Senior Scientist, High Vacuum systems, M/s Indovision, Bangalore, 1997-1999
TEACHING EXPERIENCE (Undergraduate and Post Graduate levels)
(15 years)
Associate Professor, Cochin University of Science & Technology, Department of Instrumentation. Kerala, India.

Areas of Research Interest

Experimental condensed matter physics, Thin Film phenomena, Preparation and Characterization of high-k films, Materials Science, Nano materials, Atomic Layer Deposition.

Recent Publications

(1) “Tuning The properties of sprayed CUZNS films for fabrication of Solar cell” Sudha Kartha, K.Rajeev Kumar and K.P.Vijayakumar. (Applied Physics Letters, 105,202107(2014); doi:10.1063/1.4902224

(2) “Spray pyrolysed microporous TiO2 thin films by optimization of substrate temperature for ‘all sprayed’ solar cells”, MV Santhosh, D R Deepu, R.Geethu, K.Rajeev Kumar, C.Sudha Kartha and K.P.Vijayakumar. Semicond.Sci.Technol. 29(2014)1 15026 (7pp)

(3)“Fabrication of transparent thin film heater based on highly conducting tin oxide thin films by chemical spray pyrolysis” D.R. Deepu,1 C. Sudha Kartha,1 K. Rajeev Kumar,2 and K.P. Vijayakumar (Comunicated) (2014)

(4)“Investigation on Electromagnetic Enhancement in SERS active silver nanocubes and its potential application for label free detection of DNA”. K.Hasna, M.K.Jayaraj and K.Rajeev Kumar. (Communicated, 2014)

(5)“Temperature dependence of molar polarization of Al2O3 gate oxide deposited by atomic layer deposition”. Subin Thomas, Anu Philip and K.Rajeev Kumar (Communicated, 2014)

(6) Effect of frequency and bias voltage on the electrical and dielectric properties of atomic layer deposited Al/Al2O3/p-Si MOS structure at room temperature. Anu Philip, Subin Thomas and K.Rajeev Kumar (Accepted, Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics, 2014)

(7)‘Compositional characterization of atomic layer deposited alumina’ Anu Philip, Subin Thomas and K. Rajeev Kumar. American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings 1576, 183 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4862015

(8) Calculation of growth per cycle (GPC) of atomic layer deposited aluminium oxide nano layers and dependence of GPC on surface OH concentration. Anu Philip, Subin Thomas and K.Rajeev Kumar, (Pramana-J.of Physics,Vol. 82, No. 3, March 2014, pp.563-569 doi:10.1007/s12043-014-0715-8


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